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We carry fabrics and fabrics mainly from German and European production. is a division of the fws-design-group and, as a wholesaler to also own productions.

As a regular supplier of sewing, decorators, assembling, textile printer, digital printer and stand builders we have for decades been a mature program in the area of ​​contract fabrics, decorative fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, clothing fabrics, fabric belts, Velcro, hanging and clamping systems.

Among our constant clients include the hotel industry, restaurants, schools, hospitals and public institutions with ready-ready systems and the flame-retardant according to DIN Series B1 4205th
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Decorators and designers, we have been able to showcase our exquisite fabrics and decorative banners, and custom printed, convinced of our product range.

Of course, we also offer a wide range of processing equipment.

Guarantees a wide range of pattern sample cards you get the right choice in color and quality. Ask them if desired, with each order. You will receive your Aufragsbestätigung by mail, fax or mail with the attached sample card.

Paint films, for object covering, ceiling and wall coverings, tablecloths, decorations or seasonal product processors (folder, book covers) are a popular object of our product, industry and association clients.

If in doubt, consult our expert staff will be happy.

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